Michael Nelson-Cole; Martial Arts Instructor & Personal Trainer, London, UK
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Current Classes - For 2016

All classes are for mixed abilities - beginners to advanced.


Premier Fitness Club (Finsbury Park)
Unit 5, 13 and 18 Clifton House, 46 Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP

Martial Fitness Every Tuesday - 7pm (to 8pm) TPM Fitness Training - £10

Sobell Leisure Centre (Judo Hall)
Hornsey Road, London, N7 7NY

Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling)Every Saturday - 3.15pm (to 4.15pm) - £10

Class Descriptions

TPM Martial Fitness

The class works around a variety of body weighted exercises. The main section is learning a variety of kicking drills which are all martial arts based. After the drills the arms, chest, core and legs are then challenged with a variety of exercises such as push ups, sit ups, V-sits, static plank, squats, lunge, jumping squats etc. The class is aimed to increase strength, power and mobility plus a better range of movement, improvement in ones balance, weight loss, increased flexibility and general fitness levels.

Circuit Training

This is a fun filled class using various body-weighted exercises to ensure a great body workout. Class will start with a warm up then moving into 3 different circuits attacking the Lower Body, Upper Body and flexibility. Common exercises to find here are the Squats, Lunges, Press Ups, Sit ups, V-Sits, Burpees etc. This class is guaranteed to test your fitness and take you to the next level.

Shuai Jiao

Arguably the oldest style of Kung fu. In this class you will learn how to defend yourself in the art of Chinese Wrestling. Class consists of the general exercise routine to ensure that everyone’s fitness level is up to scratch. Then we will move onto throwing drills, leg drills, stance work and basic forms.


This class will concentrate on Tien Shan Pai forms as well as Shuai Jiao throwing drills. Here you will learn Northern Traditional forms, striking drills, throwing drills and skills to defend yourself.

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