Michael Nelson-Cole; Martial Arts Instructor & Personal Trainer, London, UK
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The following is genuine feedback from my clients.

Group Class Feedback

Excellent training sessions, which improve flexibility and core strength no end.

Class is fun! Michael is a true professional whilst having the personal touch and helping individuals reach for their goals and achieve their full potential. Michael was very welcoming and explained from the outset exactly what I should expect from the class

Qualified and in the know. Very good instructor and attentive.

Great friendly class. Micheal really encourages and supports you through the whole session with good tips on how push yourself to the next level. Highly recommend.

Michael is absolutely brilliant, motivating and enthusiastic. If you're not afraid of a good workout you will love his classes!

Michael's training is great. He is very attentive to each person and goes out of his way to correct posture/movements. I had a blast!

Personal Traing Feedback

" In my 34 years of martial arts training, I've seen all magnitude of pretenders to the title of instructor; Michael Nelson Cole is not one of them! He has mastered several styles of kung fu and more importantly, he's mastered the art of teaching. Classes are fun, seminars are challenging but rewarding and his lifestyles tips.....unique. His great success extends beyond the classroom and onto the world stage where he has trained fighters for competition and students for international seminars. I hope he will continue to go from strength to strength and I look forwards to the next seminar. ."
Mike C.

" Micheal is always encouraging and kind. The classes are different every week and he tailors them to the ability of each person who attends. His thoughtful approach is much appreciated by me, as a beginner." ."

" I am a martial arts practitioner in traditional martial arts and fitness with over 15 years experience in fitness and martial arts and 5 years teaching fitness and martial arts. When i met Master Nelson Cole and after training with him for a year now, i have nothing but praise and adoration for the man's wealth of knowledge, teaching abilities and amazing capabilities as a teacher, personal trainer and martial artist. I have adopted a range of his techniques and methods into my daily regime. Master Nelson Cole, is caring and is exceptional at delivering a professional and well catered training program. He delivers to all levels as I witnessed first hand after a seminar he gave to my students who have grown even more after an amazing seminar on Shuaijiao(Chinese Wrestling). I still train under Michael Nelson Cole and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. All walks of life if getting fit or martial arts is your aim This is the Professional to deliver it. ."
Lion The Pugilist

"Have trained with Michael out in the countryside & back in London, in the meantime he's become a good friend. We share a love for calisthenics, he has a good training philosophy, is thorough, committed, passionate about his work and has fun with it too."
Becky McKevitt

"Michael gave classes at my gym and I was fortunate enough to be able to benefit from his expertise, energy and motivation. One of his many qualities is his ability to train a very diverse group of trainees of different skills, ages and backgrounds together in the same class - from relatively experienced martial artists (not me) to untalented novices (that would be me) - making the class challenging, fun and effective for all. I can therefore highly recommend his classes to everyone."

"Kick-fit was something I had wanted to try for a while and although a little hesitant at first, I was lucky to have been taught by Michael. It didn't take long for him to acknowledge my strengths or more so my weaknesses and help me to strengthen those weaknesses. His dedication and passion for what he does, quite clearly shows in his classes by the way he demonstrates his moves and repeating if necessary for those that need extra help. You defintitely feel as if you have been worked in his classes and you can notice significant improvements in fitness week by week. Would definitely recommend Michael's classes as he is a teacher with dedication and will waste no time helping you to achieve your goals. "

"I really look forward to the group sessions with Michael. He is a great motivator in class and also suggests ways to keep up training out of class. I feel like I've made so much improvement to my strength and flexibility since I've been doing the sessions and it's been a fun process doing so!"

" Michael has all the qualities that we are looking from a trainer, i.e. he is a very nice person, he takes into account all his clients' comments and body issue by adapting his class to our need, he knows how to motivate an entire class and he constantly challenges us, by targeting higher objectives each time. It's a real pleasure for me to go to his class. I feel very relax after his class."

"When I first met Michael over 2 years ago(December 2011), I was over weight, but worse I was so unfit I couldn't do his fitness classes. Now I'm approaching my 60th Birthday and am actually fitter and able to participate in the fitness classes. His classes have helped me mentally as well as physically, as I suffer from depression. The atmosphere in the classes is always fun and friendly. Don't let that fool you though, the classes are designed to build up all-round Strength, so your limitations will be challenged, but only within each individuals capabilities. Michael is great at checking everyone out during the class, and making sure no one is over doing it. He often tells me to go and do one of the forms he's taught me, While he takes the younger members through drills and glove work. This means I'm still learning and improving, as the forms are a good work out also. Then we all finish off together with abdominals and stretching exercises. Michaels classes have helped me get back on track. In the Summer we train in the Park. Michaels a great trainer, and a really good person, He's helped me get fitter, healthier, and become an all-round stronger person," thanks Michael", Best wishes"
Peter Ross

"Michael has been great. Consistently varying the programme and listening well to my objectives and tailoring the training to achieve maximum results. Michael clearly has a passion for his disciplines and this came through in both his knowledge and as a consequence, my experience."

"I trained with Michael on and off for almost a year. His training is very tough but it never feels impossible. He is very light hearted and positive the entire time and you will never become frustrated. He adapts the course to your needs and loves what he does. He is honestly one of the best trainers I ever had and I highly recommend him."

"Michael is a great guy and a brilliant fitness coach - he really knows his stuff but he delivers his knowledge in a friendly and approachable way. He's a great motivator and he really seems to care about his students' progress."

"I loved working with Michael. He really took the time to work out my needs, and then mould the training program around what I could achieve. He is a very motivational person."

"It may sound cliché but after only a couple of weeks of coming to Michael’s classes two - three times a week, I was already noticing major differences – my muscles were toning, my energy levels increased and I even started to lose weight. The classes are great fun, hard work and make you feel strong and motivated to just keep coming back for more. If my body is changing this much in just a couple of weeks, I cannot wait to see the results after a couple of months. He’s a great trainer and I’d recommend his classes and personal training services to everyone."

"I have been training with Michael for the best part of 2 years now and have not only shed 14 kilos in total but I'm feeling sexy, revitalised, fitter and so much more confident. My husband can’t take his eyes off me... :-) As a trainer Mike is strict but focused on positive coaching methods... I don't respond well to military-style humiliation but Mike's style is completely different whilst still eliciting the results I seek. He has given me the impetus to train hard, change my atrocious eating habits and to finally show the world the beautiful woman I knew was always hiding underneath those layers of fat. Thank you, Mike, you are my hero (and you have a pretty sexy body too! Just don't mention this to hubby!)."

"I have attended 2 of Michael's classes and was impressed by his attention to detail. It's obvious that he gets a buzz from teaching. With his knowledge, and the patience of his students, there is potential for future champions."

"Before I started working out with Michael I had been going to the gym for nearly 5 years. I was annoyed with myself because I had not achieved my goals at all. I had lost weight but my body didn't have the shape I wanted. I have now been training with Michael for about 1 year and have never felt better. He is a great support and listens carefully to what I want out of the sessions. He encourages all the time and his sessions are never boring; the hour we spend is over in no time! I feel more confident, I have a better toned shape but also feel fitter, stronger, healthier with lots more of energy... and I am also getting more compliments!!!"

"I have been training with TPM (Michael-Nelson Cole) for the past 2 years. His training sessions have been very resourceful and he really focuses on getting the best out of every individual. Since training with TPM my fitness and techniques have greatly improved. The atmosphere in his sessions is always electrifying as he captivates the attention of myself and fellow students with his meticulous display of the various ancient martial arts techniques and disciplines."

"Martial arts training can be tough and demanding, but Michael makes it fun and enjoyable also. He teaches proper technique, good preparation and practical skills in a friendly, supportive environment. He's a teacher that makes you want to be better all the time. I highly recommend his classes!"

"Michael is a lovely trainer to work with. What I enjoyed most from our training sessions was his supportive and understanding nature combined with a cheeky and 'can't say no to the exercise in hand' approach! Some days I would come in to the gym and would simply not be in the mood to train - Michael managed to find a way to switch my motivation on by making our sessions fun and exciting e.g. we'd play competitions on the rowing machine, or he would sing appallingly until I would work hard! I found it really helpful that Michael uses his intuition to tell how his client is feeling and match the session accordingly. On many sessions we worked very hard and my energy levels were on a high! I've never trained so much in my life and I would recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for personal training."

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