Michael Nelson-Cole; Martial Arts Instructor & Personal Trainer, London, UK
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Personal Training

As your personal trainer I will assess your existing fitness levels, as well as your current exercise regime, health, diet & lifestyle, before creating a personalised programme designed to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

For a training programme to be truly effective it needs to contain the basics of cardio, resistance and stretching, balanced with a healthy lifestyle. There are a variety of different methods we can use to do this and I can help you find the combination of elements that works the best for you. I will educate, coach and motivate you to achieve your goals safely and effectively.

The main areas I use in developing personalised training programmes are:

Circuit Training: A combination of high intensity aerobic exercises and resistance training which are designed to target fat loss, building muscle and heart fitness.

Core Stability: This consists of exercises which target the muscles that stabilize the spine, shoulders and pelvis areas. Core training is essential to ensure good body posture & improves overall body strength & control.

Nutrition: Keeping in good shape and exercising is great but, with the addition of correct advice on food intake and ingredients, you will not just look good on the outside but be good on the inside.

Weight Loss: Combining nutritional advice and individually planned exercise routines; the healthy way to achieving & maintaining weight loss.

Kick Exercise: Using kicking techniques to perform a high intense work out and improve the development of the lower body as well as general movement.

Toning: Ensuring that your muscles stay firm or develop them to a firm healthy looking muscle.

Plyometrics: This training uses exercises to produce fast, powerful movements which also helps to improve the function of the nervous system. It is ideal for improving sporting prowess. Good levels of physical strength and flexibility should be achieved before starting plyometric training

Home Training: Bringing simple but effective exercises to the comfort of your home to meet and achieve your goals. It's convenient for you, less time consuming & can help revitalise you.


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